Fatburger - Hangry Review

Strolling into Fatburger, the first thing that comes to mind is Vera's Burger Shack. Same open kitchen concept, same kind of vibe and atmosphere. Taking a good look at the menu, I couldn't help but compare it to Vera's. It really is a rivalry. Fatburger is definitely not your typical fast food restaurants, a combo with a specialty burger goes for around $16. That's the equivalent of seven Junior Chicken Sandwiches from McDonald's! But for the sake of my readers, I must try the specialty burger, I must find out why these burgers were so 'special'.

My final choice? The Mushroom Swiss. First impressions? This really isn't...that big. It's just a normal sized burger. It wasn't even marginally 'fatter' than what I would consider average sized. But perhaps Fatburger means fat in the amount of flavors your mind will have to comprehend with each bite. And so I braced myself for the first bite.

Immediately my mind flashed back to a time and place long ago, in another restaurant not so far away. This tastes just like the McDonald's Mushroom Swiss Angus Burger. Well, minus the mustard. I have no clue why I added mustard to my Fatburger.

In addition to the burger, I ordered a side of curly fries. I do like how Fatburger gives you the option to top the fries with your choice of seasoning. But for an extra $3, the amount served was underwhelming. These weren't bad fries, but I wouldn't pay $3 only to be served a small handful.

Overall Fatburger is just another burger-joint. The burgers does it's job of filling you up, but doesn't live up to it's price point. The fries and burgers cost about $14, but seem much befitting for a $9 or $10 price point. Would I recommend it? If you really wanted to see what the hype was about and why I don't think it does, by all means proceed with caution!

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