Sekai Udon Bar - Hangry Review

Location is important, and Sekai Udon Bar is probably the only viable options for sushi or casual Japanese cuisine within Metropolis. Unless your in love with supermarket or food court level sushi, the only other choice is to leave the warmth of the mall (Yes I know there are options around Metrotown, but those aren't inside the mall). I've been here a few times, tried the made in-house udon. I'm not a big fan of udon, so coming back here I decided to order one of their sushi combos.

I'm not sophisticated by any means and blindly pointed within the sushi combo section. The waitress looked at what I pointed at, then at me for confirmation. I nodded. Spicy sushi combo. Consisting of three different spicy rolls, I was sure to be filled up on a typical rainy Vancouver day. Salmon, tuna, and scallop. Typical sushi affair. But for a typical person, what better match than a typical lunch?


We'll start with the "Spicy Special Scallop Roll". Nice flavor topped with masago. The scallops were decent enough, not extraordinarily bad or good. The sushi rice was much better than what you find in Superstore or TNT. The spicy sauce does overwhelm for those who like the natural flavors of their ingredients.

I'm starting to see a trend, each ordinary roll has a unique ingredient. The scallop roll had masago, and the "Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll" is topped with Bonito flakes. As I prepared my taste buds for a different texture, I realized yet again the spicy sauce overwhelms everything else. Heck the only difference between the two rolls were the texture of the ingredients. I'm not a picky eater and like spicy flavors, so I wasn't too put off. Well, unless it's fine dining. Over-rated fine dining restaurants. Over-rated, over-priced, fine-dining restaurants.

The final roll to find it's new home in my hangry stomach was the "Spicy Tuna Roll". Yet again the red sauce gives a clear indicator as to what this is going to taste like. Perhaps the most surprising element of my lunch, was the big blob of wasabi. I give props to Sekai Udon Bar for not being stingy on wasabi. They clearly saw me and thought, this Vancouverite must love Wasabi, let's give him an equivalent of seventy-seven servings of wasabi. Well jokes on you, I love wasabi. 

Would I come back? Sekai Udon Bar is your typical Japanese casual dining affair, with the exception of it's udon noodles made in house. There's a small window in between the kitchen and the entrance where you see a guy making noodles. Everyday, every afternoon, and every night. It's nice to see sit-down restaurants within Metrotown as an added option and I know there are times when I prefer eating in a restaurant over eating in a food court.

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