Chonqing Restaurant - Hangry Review

Lunch special. Seems like almost every Chinese restaurant in Vancouver knows these two words. It's like they all went into a marketing meeting and came up with the idea that the best form of retaining customers and reaching out to new ones is to offer a lunch special menu. Not just one item, but a huge variety of items. Looking at Chongqing's lunch special menu, I opted for "Diced Chicken in Chili, Sour & Garlic Sauce w/Spinach & Rice. Pretty self explanatory. I think every single ingredient is listed in the name. Plus one for another Chinese restaurant tactic. No fancy names, let's just list out every single ingredient.

Well, here's the first takeout box containing the diced chicken. Good hefty portion. The flavors are what you would expect from a slightly westernized Chinese dish to taste like. Not overly sweet or spicy, a good mix of flavors, though there is a thick layer of oil on the bottom. I don't mind, because I like the taste of dish. So far so good!


I wish I could write more about the rice. But what could one write about rice that most people don't already know about. This is good plan white rice. Good portions, not stale. I could go on like a wine expert and try to describe the texture, it's origin, and the distinct flavors of steamed rice, but who am I joking?

The great thing I love about lunch specials, is that certain restaurants also offer a free soup. Chongqing restaurant gives you the option between two choices, I opted for the hot & sour soup. My kind of comfort food. I love free stuff. Heck, I love free soup.

I decided to go all out and spend the extra dollar to get myself a spring roll. Well, sometimes the risk isn't worth taking. I would advise not order these. It may only seem like a dollar, but disappointment isn't worth paying for. It may be worth getting paid for, but sadly that's not how the world works most of the time.

Aside from the spring rolls, this was a very satisfying lunch. One that I can see myself ordering time and time again. There's quite a few menu items to choose from and I can't wait to see what else Chongqing has to offer! Highly recommended.

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