Jimoco Cafe & Pasta - Hangry Review

         Italian food has always been a favorite of mine ever since childhood. I remember begging my mom to go eat at the pizza hut near our house (I’m well-aware that they serve American-style Italian food, but you get the point) back before I immigrated to Canada. That’s why anytime I’m able to try out a highly recommended Italian restaurant like Jimoco, unless I’m badly craving something else I jump on the opportunity.

         Located on Austin Ave in Coquitlam, the view of the restaurant from the outside won’t blow you away (as cliché as that may sound). Walking in, I noticed that the interior design felt a bit outdated also. Everything from the tables to the background music playing seemed to go against today’s high-aesthetics trend. With that being said, that could be what the owner’s original intention was, to provide a retro feel that many others have abandoned.


         The pasta dishes that we got (one soup-based and the other tomato-based) overall tasted fine, but being a highly recommended restaurant by friends I expected more. The serving size was also a bit too small for my liking and didn’t satisfy my hunger to the point I would have liked. Furthermore, both of them were a bit on the oily side, as I had to wipe my mouth with tissues several times. The free garlic bread helped seize that problem somewhat, but it wasn’t until several calls to the waitresses that my companion and I finally received them. The bread itself while flavourful was a bit on the dry side, and didn't have the crunch that I would have preferred from it. 

          I was really looking forward to the dessert in the end since the two of us craved something sweet and the one we got was highly insisted on by one of the waitresses. I’m happy to report that this dish did not disappoint. The White chocolate with strawberry sauce gelato that we had blew me away with just how rich-tasting the vanilla ice cream was. The sugary chocolate crust on the outside provided great decoration and complementary crunch in terms of taste, and the raspberry filling on the very inside offered the fruity satisfaction that I desired. The consistency of the ice cream, however, was the selling point for me.

         Overall, my experience was a mediocre one. I wouldn’t exactly make time to visit there again.

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