Dae Ji - Mini Hangry Review

I've visited Daeji numerous times in the past...

With most of the visits being the North Road location near Coquitlam. Recently, I had the chance to try out the Metrotown location and my impression was mixed to say the least.

Food: Had the pork cutlet curry rice and came away rather impressed at the quality and size (as you can probably tell by the picture above). The pork cutlet was fried nicely and didn't feel like ones you get from certain fast food restaurants where you taste all batter and little meat. The gravy sauce added a nice kick to the dish that was needed, but was a little on the salty side although not to a great extent. As for the vegetables, I understand the addition of peppers to provide more colouring to the dish, but taste wise I could have lived without it. Rather, I thought the coleslaw with thousand island dressing on top and slices of Korean yellow radishes provided better balance of taste.    

Service: Below average. The waiter and waitress who served us were friendly, but it took them more than 30 minutes to deliver the food and the restaurant wasn't as big scaled or busy as others that delivered dishes much faster. Chef Gordon Ramsay would have dropped a bunch of f bombs if he had to wait that long. 

Final verdict: food >> service

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