Snowy Village - Mini Hangry Review


Are certain Places really worth the hype?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to suggest that Snowy Village, an established dessert/bingsoo/coffeehouse that I’m about to review isn’t somewhere I would return and visit. The restaurant for the most part offers what you hear and expect, a place that allows you to enjoy comforting sweets and drinks with friends. You're able to see your orders made right in front of you as you sit and wait while a crowd of people are still lining up deep into the night.  


The menu while limited does offer a couple of interesting options, in particular the taiyaki (Japanese fish-shaped cake with fillings) that’s heavily recommended by the online community. I went with red bean for the original flavor as well as pizza since it was one of the newer options, and wasn’t surprised nor disappointed by the size or taste. The red bean paste was smooth and not overly sweet, while the pizza filling brought back nostalgic feelings by reminding me of the pizza pops I used to have when I was a kid.


I also got the Iced Ginger Lemonade (just to be a little different) while my friend who accompanied me ordered the Iced Café Latte. I have to say, I like how just like the taiyaki, the drinks didn't overpower you in sugary tastes. In particular, you could really taste the ginger flavour for the ginger lemonade near the end. With that being said, the iced cafe latte was a little too much on the bitter side. Overall refreshing and served their purposes.


FINAL VERDICT: Not worth the hype, but worth a consideration 

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