Sushi Hachi - Hangry Review


You know what my comfort food is? Sushi. I've always enjoy watching vloggers try out high-end fine dining level sushi in Japan. Seeing the chef make each individual nigiri or roll (preferably nigiri, as it sounds a bit more classier). Because cretiveiy is something I try to bring in all aspects, I combine the watching of these youtube videos with a casual take-out nigiri combo and pretend that I am feasting on the best the world has to offer. Which never works...

Finding myself in Richmond and armed with Google, Sushi Hachi came to mind. I've heard about this place, how customers need to book in advance, the restaurants few working hours throughout the week, and the general hype surrounding the place. After mindlessly drifting around Richmond for about two hours, it was time for our reservation. Filled with hunger and anticipation we begin!


Instead of choosing individual nigiri, I decided to opt for the Chef's Selection: 10 pieces of nigiri and a maki roll (half tuna/half salmon). The presentation was superb, the feast for the eyes before the feast for your stomach is always a welcome addition! Each piece of nigiri was absolutely delicious. Right off the bat the quality of fish was superb, the balance between the fish and rice was perfect. If I had to choose a top three, I would say: kanpachi, shimaaji, and madai. These three nigiri's aren't as commonly offered in casual sushi restaurants throughout the lower mainland so it was nice to try something a little different. Looking at this price-wise, $25 for 10 nigiris and a roll isn't that much more expensive had I ordered something similar in Sushi Garden or the likes. 


Wanting to try just one more nigiri before giving my taste buds a break, I opted for something cooked, so I asked the sushi chef to make an unagi nigiri. I think they literally cooked the unagi on the spot because as soon as I was given the unagi nigiri I was warned "It is very hot". After poking it with my fingers, I realized, wow this was extremely hot! But because I think with my stomach and not with my brain, I wolfed it down. Yes it was hot, but it was worth the burning sensation down my throat. This was the best unagi nigiri I've ever had in my life. What a way to end a meal and what a way to end a day!

If you find yourself in the area, or plan a trip around Richmond, I highly recommend trying out Sushi Hachi. My visit left me fully satisfied and wanting more, I'll be back for sure!

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