Sushi Zen - Mini Hangry Review

Sushi Zen

Craving Sushi in North Surrey?

That's what I felt when I stumbled upon Sushi Zen. Walking inside and taking a quick look at the menu, I felt right at home. But could the taste stand the test? Would this be just another joint or something well beyond what embodies casual sushi?

Sushi Zen Negitoro Roll

The negitoro roll, pictured above, looked quite ordinary. Biting into this my first thought was: I've tasted better tuna. The roll was definitely not outstanding, perhaps even slightly below average. Because of my love for negitoro, I would still order it, but for anyone else I would say best to avoid!

Sushi Zen Spider Roll

The first thing to understand is, at $5.95, this is probably one of the lowest priced spider roll I've seen. There was a good amount crab, nothing was skimped on for this lower price threshold and tasted similar to what can be found at other places; in this case that's a plus! Same offering at a lower price-point makes this worth noting!

Finally, my third roll was the the Umago Roll, a slight twist on the more well-known Unagi Roll. There was very little unagi and I felt the other ingredients with the rice overpowered the unagi; to the extent where I could barely taste it!

Sushi Zen is definitely typical affair within the over-saturated casual sushi restaurant category. Though it's unique location does give it an edge for people who live nearby and don't want to trek too far for sushi!


$5.95 for a Spider Roll!


Only if I found myself within the area and didn't want to wander too far for sushi.

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