Rodney's Oyster House - Hangry Review

Every now and then I go through an "oyster phase" where all I think about day in and day out are raw oysters. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, having oysters to start a meal is something I may never get sick of, well...I've never done it but if only I could! And so being in the middle of one of my phases, I decided to visit Rodney's Oyster House.

We were saved complimentary bread to start. Can't really talk too badly about free food, it wasn't fresh out of the oven but it served it's purpose: acting as a filler for the real food to come next! When our oysters came before our entrees, I was excited. The oysters were fresh and sizes were optimal, but what really made the experience were the in-house made sauces. Each sauce tasted so good, even on their own!I wish I could have brought some home! (Food safety regulations prevented the restaurant from selling us their heavenly sauces)

After the oysters, came the main entrees! The first was pasta with scallops, I'm not a big fan of pasta but this was decent. The flavors and quantities were just right and balanced out well. The scallops were delicious and I would recommend this to whoever is a big fan of pasta!

The final entree was the lobster roll served with a side of fries. The bread was hot while the filling was nice and cold! The first few bites put a smile on my face, this sealed the deal. The roll came with a generous amount of lobster, creamy flavors, and a crispy bun to complete the full package. Needless to say I had a great experience at Rodney's and will definitely be back (especially for low tide) whenever I am in the area. For anyone else who is in search of a casual setting with great seafood, I highly recommend Rodney's Oyster House!

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